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Hu I saw infamous too but not the showed one, at mine he messed up the number but and got it wrong and then when he asked for the 10didget number again to do it another time the guy shouted out a different number so idk. And I wish they hadn't cut so much out like he said some really funny parts and the "who's the youngest" thing was really good I thought so should've been included

It’s a shame isn’t it? Lets just hope there are loads of extras on the dvd! I don’t think he did the “who’s the youngest” thing at my show. What was that?

I remember you said that you went to the filming of infamous, did they choose your night to show on tv? And if so did they edit it a lot?

They put the 2 nights together, most of the stuff they used was from the night that I was there apart from the woman with the pet’s name and the person who was chosen for the trance state. A lot of it was edited out including a poker routine and a trick with presents. A lot of the psychic stuff was cut down too. And Derren got the bit with the memorization of the number wrong 2 times before he got it right (the bit where he starts at the ends and works his way in) but on TV they just put the part where he got it right. He also messed up his lines at one point, when he says “2 years ago I started a memorization project” but again, they edited that bit out. Other than that it was pretty much the same show! When I saw it, it lasted about 3 hours so over half of the show was edited out for TV.

Look at me

Look at me


Derren Brown: Infamous


Omg did derren just say, FUCK ME, I’M REAL! in regards to him speaking to dead?

Whos watching Infamous then?!

Isn’t he incredible?


Lets be real, Derren Brown has never looked sexier than with his head shaved